My CPAP already offers me the report with data like AHI, why I still need Lookee® Sleep Monitor for overnight monitoring?


Lookee® Sleep Monitors are not intended to replace your CPAP treatment but designed as the essential accessory of your Sleep Apnea and CPAP treatment.

Per Sleep Apnea Association Statistics, over 18% sleep apnea patients is still tired with CPAP treatment even the CPAP reports show the good AHI numbers. (By the way, Lookee Tech CEO is one of them! It was why he created this business). And over 43% patients may not get the best treatment solution even without any awareness. 

Here are some common reasons:

  • Incorrect CPAP Air Pressure
  • CPAP Mask Leaks or Discomfort
  • Central Sleep Apnea. Central Apnea is a sleep disorder where the brain forgets to command your body to breathe. Your CPAP is useful only if you have obstructive apnea, but is useless for the central apnea. Some people have a combination of obstructive and central events, which is a situation difficult to diagnose in sleep studies.
  • no underlying issues - science call this situation true residual sleepiness. The good news is that the residual sleepiness will disappear in time.

 In many cases, your CPAP still is delivering the good report with a nice AHI number, but due to those reasons above mentioned, you may still suffer the risk of sleeping on unhealthy low blood oxygen level. Lookee® Sleep Monitors are designed to help Sleep Apnea patients be on top of their sleep, track blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate and your CPAP treatment effectiveness. Let you get insights into your sleep and manage it well in a timely manner with your doctors. And this is critical for your health.