LOOKEE® Sleep Oxygen Monitors

Track CPAP and Apnea Treatments

Better Insights for Your Sleep

LOOKEE® Sleep Monitors provide real-time data so you can monitor your sleep patterns. With the Free Mobile App, track oxygen levels, and take control of your night.

Track Oxygen Levels

This is vital to a healthy, restful night’s sleep. With the LOOKEE® Sleep Monitors, you can keep up-to-date on your nightly oxygen levels and heart rate. These are also great for keeping tabs on pre and post-workout routines!

A Safety Net Against CPAP Failure

A gentle vibration helps to keep you aware of times when your CPAP treatment may not be supporting you properly. When Blood O2 levels drop below a preset level, the vibration alerts you.

Monitor CPAP Effectiveness

Gathering data over many nights will help you determine if your current CPAP treatment is actually working or needs an adjustment. Incredibly empowering information at your fingertips!

High Resolution Sensors

Easy to read, simple to monitor. The LOOKEE® Sleep Monitors utilize advanced displays for clarity and simplicity. It gathers data every 4 seconds to provide a more accurate picture of your sleep patterns.

Comfortable and Easy-to-Use

LOOKEE®’s advanced patented Finger Ring Sensor technology is designed for comfort and simplicity. No more tight, cumbersome clips and cords that are common with most other fingertip monitors. This helps to promote an easier night’s rest while monitoring your sleep patterns.


Built for Sleep Apnea

LOOKEE® Wrist Sleep Oxygen Monitor

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LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor

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LOOKEE® Ring-Pro Sleep Oxygen Monitor

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Continuous Ring Oximeter

LOOKEE® O2Ring by Wellue

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Testimonials from Professionals

I treat patients with sleep apnea with oral appliances. I have sleep apnea myself. One night I tested LOOKEE Monitor myself with the appliance. I did great. My oxygen levels hardly ever dropped. The next night, i tested it myself without the appliances. The LOOKEE device told me that my oxygen dropped many times during the night. In addition, the next day I was tired and grumpy. It was great to document how well it works. it just told me how important it is to keep your oxygen levels up.

So I highly recommend LOOKEE Monitor to track your CPAP or Apnea treatment.

Scott E. West DDSDentist and author | San Juan Capistrano, CA USA

Highly effective recordable pulse oximeter.

I have 3 of these LOOKEE Oxygen Monitors and use them for titration purposes for my dental oral appliance used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It lets me know how my appliance is helping improve airway metrics as the lower jaw is advanced compared to their baseline test. Its very small and easy to use for my patients. They bring it in and i download the data on the LOOKEE app and print it out for their chart. I send the final pulse ox report to their Dr to show my results.

I also recommend the LOOKEE to my clients of my dental sleep implementation company as well.

Dr. David E Federici

What are differences of these LOOKEE® Sleep Monitors?

Wrist Sleep Monitor Ring Sleep Monitor Ring-Pro Sleep Monitor
Product LOOKEE® Wrist Sleep Monitor LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Monitor LOOKEE® Ring-Pro Sleep Monitor
Readout Display Cancel Checked Checked
Real Time on App Checked Checked Checked
Professional Level Sensor Checked Checked Checked
High Resolution Data in Every 4 Sec. Checked Checked Checked
Vibrating Notification on Finger Checked Checked Checked
Overnight Monitoring Checked Checked Checked
Mobile App & Report Checked Checked Checked
PC App & Report Cancel Cancel Checked
USB Cable Included Universal Micro USB Charging Cable Universal Micro USB Charging Cable Special PC Data and Charging USB Cable
Price US$149.99 US$149.99 US$169.99