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Worry-Free 30-Day Return Policy

Payment Methods

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Shipping Time and Options

How soon I can get my order? What's my shipping options there?

1-Year Warranty

Worry-Free One Year Warranty

What you can do with my device with your one year warranty?

Product Operation & Specification Questions

Product Features & Specifications

What are the differences of Lookee® Sleep Monitors?

Are Lookee® Sleep Monitors Waterproof?

Mobile Version Compatibility

How I know if Lookee® Sleep Monitor works with my phone or tablet?

App Download on your mobile

Where I can find the App to download for the device in my hand?

Working Time & Overnight Monitoring

How long Lookee® Sleep Monitor can work continuously after a full charge?

How long and how often I should charge my Lookee® Sleep Monitor?

Why the Lookee® Sleep Monitor stopped working in the middle of night, so I couldn't get a full night monitoring?

Finger Sensor doesn't fit well.

My finger sensor is too tight for me. What I should do?

Replacement of Products and Accessories

Finger Sensor Replacement

My Finger Sensor of Lookee® Sleep Monitor is broken. Can I get a replacement? How much I have to pay for it?

Order ID and Serial Number (SN) are requested for Product Service

Where I can find Serial Number ( SN ) on the Lookee Device?

Knowledge & Information

Sleep Apnea

Can I get more information about Sleep Apnea?

Typical Users of Lookee® Sleep Monitors

Who are using Lookee® Sleep Monitors? Can your devices replace CPAP?

My CPAP already offers me the report with data like AHI, why I still need Lookee® Sleep Monitor for overnight monitoring?