This device may quite literally be a life saver. As a nurse, I long suspected my husband had obstructive sleep apnea but I couldn’t convince him he needed to get checked out. I purchased this device and when he saw his O2 sats dropping to dangerous levels and his heart rate spiking, I’m proud to say it only took a couple nights of data to get him to agree to see a sleep doctor. Thank you so much for putting this technology into regular people’s hands! 💕

- Carol Linnell

I treat patients with sleep apnea with oral appliances. I have sleep apnea myself. One night I tested Lookee Monitor myself with the appliance. I did great. My oxygen levels hardly ever dropped. The next night, I tested it myself without the appliances. The Lookee device told me that my oxygen dropped many times during the night. In addition, the next day I was tired and grumpy. It was great to document how well it works. It just told me how important it is to keep your oxygen levels up. So I highly recommend Lookee Monitor to track your CPAP or Apnea treatment.

- Scott E. West DDS Dentist and author | San Juan Capistrano, CA USA

Great purchase has saved my life! I bought this while awaiting a CPAP for sleep apnea. I feel like it has saved my life waking me up when my O2 Saturation dropped too low. My doctor recommended this product. I will continue using it even when I receive my CPAP. My O2 Saturation was dropping to 61% when the normal is anywhere between 95-100%.You can set this to vibrate and wake you up at preset perception and also set the vibration rate as well. Money well spent.

- Jacky Coleman

I want to compliment the creator(s) of this device. You have saved me sleepless nights trying to wear a CPAP. More importantly, my brain is undoubtedly being supplied with more oxygen, and this device actually seems to be training me to breathe more deeply at night without waking me. My daughter recently tried the monitor overnight while I was visiting Denver. She immediately purchased one, and, after tracking her O2 sat levels, she made an appointment to see her neurologist (she has frequent migraines). He was impressed with your device, scheduled her for a sleep study, and believes the elevation is affecting her oxygen deprivation at night, possibly causing the migraines. All this happened because of your invention! Thank you, Sincerely, for an excellent product. I have sung your praises to many friends and relatives because I feel everyone needs to know about this.

- Terri Elmore

Compared readings with respiratory therapist's pulse ox and was identical. Very helpful to monitor your level of O2 saturation. Even the therapist was impressed with the app and tracking capabilities. CPAP machines don't have O2 monitoring capabilities, so this is a very helpful adjunct!

- Karl Medina

Changed my life ! I struggle with sleep apnea. I use a CPAP and this works pretty well. However, there are times when the mask slips or I fall asleep in the recliner. The result is that I wake with a terrible headache that lasts a day at least. I had been looking for a sleep monitor device for some time and immediately bought this. After 1 month, I have had NO apneas! NO headaches! I would buy it again if anything happened to it.

- Colin Sulin

With Lookee No Need For CPAP! I'm an 80 years old woman w mod. sleep apnea, and bad side effects w CPAP. So 7 months ago, I began trying to control my apnea with Lookee. Here's how it went: Without CPAP, my first app reports revealed my apnea is POSITIONAL: I do much better on my side. A few days after pre-setting an appropriate vibration level, I began to react automatically by CHANGING POSITION when it vibrated, WITHOUT waking up. (When I began, I set the vib. level close to my goal, and it was waking me often, so I reset it to a lower level, then later gradually began moving it up. I won't mention numbers, as I'm not an MD, and no doubt everyone's reaction is different anyway.) After a few months, reports showed my body had "learned" to CHANGE POSITION when Ox just BEGINS to DROP or JUST BEFORE it reaches my preset level. (Not always, sometimes it still needs to vibrate.) Now I'm continuing to gradually preset the vibration level increasingly higher -- to coax my Ox averages up to normal levels. And it's working. I devised this strategy myself, from what I know of behavior modification research, but I've also had quick and valuable support from the Lookee support team -- especially James, who directed me to the best app and helped me understand its readings. All this has been slow going, but it's working -- and I am very grateful and delighted!

- Janet Kierstead, Ph.D.

2 years ago I started to have serious dry mouth in the mornings and my snoring became significantly worse. An expensive 2 night full electronic monitoring by a sleep clinic confirmed a sleep apnea problem. The clinic's recommendation was surgical nasal passage widening, and a constant air pressure machine. My take away from this experience was that a pulse oximeter would be helpful for me to understand what was going on at night. Certainly during the day, I was breathing with no problem with O2 levels around 96 pct. The Lookee alarm wakes me up when my O2 drops below the trigger level and I widen my nostrils at make sure I am lying on my side. At the same time as starting to use the Lookee I now sleep cuddling a long narrow pillow with the end under my chin. Much more comfortable than a head harness, and seems to work well keeping my mouth shut when sleeping. When the Lookee wakes me up, I make sure I am cuddling the pillow tightly. A key indication that this is all working, is my dry mouth in the mornings has gotten dramatically better, and I seem better rested. I had to call customer service to learn how to delete recorded data sessions from the app. How long I can stay away from a constant pressure device I don't know, but it's looking good for this 67 year old.

- Michael Bender

This is an amazingly sophisticated device but super easy to use. Just download the app, charge the unit then use it at night. If your oxygen goes down below a certain threshold it will gently vibrate. I use CPAP and I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist and I think it would be great for them to get certified to use this for a home screening device for people that snore!. I where it almost every night just to have an added benefit of being monitored in case my CPAP comes off.

- Dave Ahc.

The device is great, it's the only reason my doctor allowed a sleep study because I didn't have a single symptom of sleep apnea.  When he saw my oxygen as low as 61%, plus your sleep oxygen rating of 0.0, he ordered the test.  It was discovered I have severe apnea.  I still wear this device every night, even with my APAP, and the ratings still prove to be very instructive.

Thanks again,

- Bill Blair

My husband made a verified purchase and gave this to me for Christmas. It works extremely well. I needed it because I cannot use a CPAP machine so I needed an alternative to find what would help me lower my AHI is best. So far, a 5" elevated topper on the bed and marjoram oil on my neck & chest has shown to be helpful. I'm also going to measure my o2 during sleep using a tongue stabilizing device and compare that to my first usage of the machine with no aids in use. Little by little, I expect to figure out how to get my AHI's down to CPAP level - and this machine deserves all the credit. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to use it during their sleep to monitor their oxygen level.

- Peggy Thomas

I am currently in the hospital. I've been comparing to their readings it's ALWAYS with in 1 point. I am very please with the accuracy I just purchased this a month ago the Dr's and nurses have been very impressed, especially the read out on the App For me the App was no charge When you look at the cost of this compared to the ones in the hospital, I was told the one I'm comparing it to cost almost $8,000 . This one a little over $ 100 it's money well spent I'm still working on battery life it appears to be around 13-14 hours.

- Teresa M Sorenson

Just to let you know Lookee changed our lives positively. For two years, my husband Gene has worn the Lookee. He shares the information with his cardiologist, his pulmonologist, and his primary care physician. Recently Gene spent a month in the hospital to have repeat heart surgery. He continued to wear the device at night, which got the attention of his caregivers. The respiratory therapists were most interested. When Gene was transferred to inpatient rehab, the lead physician took pictures of the device. Being an RN, I regularly compared the oximeter reading with the monitors in ICU and in other units. It was always consistent. For two years, I have slept well, knowing the device will wake him when apnea occurs. Gene has learned that his position, even though he has central apnea, makes a significant difference; therefore, he hardly has apnea anymore. Everyone's situation with apnea is unique. For us, the Lookee has improved our lives.

- Leah Kinnaird