Here's Why You Should Purchase A Blood Pressure Monitor


What is a blood pressure monitor? Is it necessary to get one to use at home? Simply put, a blood pressure monitor is a device that measures your blood pressure. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure (HBP) or are starting out on HPB treatment, you should purchase a blood pressure monitor. HBP is known as a silent killer as it typically gives no warning signs or symptoms. Hence, you will benefit from getting one if you fall into the category of being at high risk for developing HBP or for diseases related to HBP. Some people also get it just for the sake of monitoring their health. Now, let us go over four reasons why you should get a blood pressure monitor:

Get a more Accurate Picture of your Health

Taking your blood pressure at home at the same time each day allows you and your doctor to have a more accurate glimpse into your health. There have been cases where people get false readings whenever they are at the doctor’s. Some only get high readings at the clinic (a scenario known as “white-coat” hypertension) while others have high readings at home but not at the clinic (“masked” hypertension). If you are one of these people who get potential false readings at the doctor’s, chances are the treatment advocated by your doctor might not work in your favor. In order to eliminate such potential false readings, testing your blood pressure at home becomes a necessity. In this way, your doctor will be able to adjust your medication and prescribe you the most accurate dose.

Greater Responsibility

Research has shown that people who regularly monitor their blood pressures have higher chances of lowering their blood pressure readings. When you personally monitor your blood pressure from home, you get a greater sense of ownership over your health and will likely have more motivation to succeed in getting your blood pressure under control. Some patients will skip their medications because they do not experience the effects of hypertension. Taking their own blood pressure readings will then ensure that they stick to their treatment. 

Cut Back on Visits to the Doctor

Doctors have agreed that having patients monitor their own blood pressures at home is more effective than a five-minute visit to the doctor. Not only do you get more accurate readings, you get to save money from less visits to your doctor!

Early Detection

Even if you do not have hypertension, monitoring your blood pressure from time to time can alert you to any raised readings that might indicate the onset of HBP. This can prompt people to seek timely treatment.

Did you realize that blood pressure monitors can also detect hypotension, otherwise known as low blood pressure? Although hypotension do not cause problems for some people, it can have serious implications for the elderly and for those who are frail.

Whether you are healthy, have hypertension or hypotension, getting a blood pressure monitor for home use is a great idea. If you are looking to purchase one, we recommend getting the Lookee AirBP Blood Pressure Monitor for home use. Other than being the smallest blood pressure monitor in the market, it is also medically accurate and reliable. It is easy to use, making it ideal for taking multiple fuss free reading times each day. With the Lookee AirBP Blood Pressure Monitor, you are also saved the hassle of having to jot down your readings. Simply share your blood pressure reports with your doctor with just one click from the Lookee AirBP Blood Pressure Monitor app. Taking your own blood pressure has never been so convenient!