Collection: Lookee® Sleep Monitors Track CPAP & Apnea

  • Lookee® Sleep Monitors Get Insights into Sleep;
  • Track Blood Oxygen Saturation Level, Heart Rate with Gentle Vibration Indication on Finger for Sleep Apnea Events or Low Oxygen Level;
  • Professional High Resolution Sensors Collect the Data in Every 3 or 4 Seconds to Catch Up Any Event. 
  • Monitor CPAP Efficacy or Other Sleep Apnea Treatment;
  • Come with Patented Finger Ring Sensor to Free Your Finger from Those Constrained Clips of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter;
  • Comfortable Overnight Monitoring. 



The Voices from Professionals:



"It validated to me that oral appliances work.


I treat patients with sleep apnea with oral appliances. I have sleep apnea myself. One night I tested Lookee Monitor myself with the appliance. I did great. My oxygen levels hardly ever dropped. The next night, i tested it myself without the appliances. The Lookee device told me that my oxygen dropped many times during the night. In addition, the next day I was tired and grumpy. It was great to document how well it works. it just told me how important it is to keep your oxygen levels up.


So I highly recommend Lookee Monitor to track your CPAP or Apnea treatment."


Scott E. West DDS

Dentist and author | San Juan Capistrano, CA USA



 What are differences of these Lookee® Sleep Monitors?


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