The LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor Review

LOOKEE Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor

The LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor helps you keep track of your night’s sleep by monitoring your heart rate and oxygen levels. CPAP treatments vary greatly, and this is the latest design being used by many for its improvements over old-school methods. In the comfort of your own bed, it allows you to conduct sleep studies at home. Even if you’re not on CPAP, it can still be useful.

To indicate a fall in oxygen levels (below your present level), the LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor is equipped with an adjustable gentle vibration. This product is also useful before and after your workouts to monitor vitals!

These are the claims of the manufacturers of the LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor. Being a sleep apnea sufferer, I decided to try this product out for myself. The following are my results.

Device Use

It's a pretty painless process, pairing the device with your phone via Bluetooth (a free app is included). Using the device is easy.

For sleeping:

  • You put it on any finger and simply turn it on with the power button.
  • Next… you sleep. That's all there is to it.
  • If you take the device off, you can either continue your sleep session or stop, having 10 seconds of decision-making time given you by the device.

For waking hours:

  • When you wake up, using their free ViHealth app, you pair this device with your phone.
  • To sync your phone and data together, the device must first be turned on.
  • You can then enable your phone’s Bluetooth and sync the two. You will soon be all set – it just takes a few seconds.

As you can see, both the pairing and use of this device are exceptionally easy. That's great news for us low-tech individuals!

The Product Review

Now, how does the LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor actually work? Does it indeed perceive sleep apnea?

Your blood oxygen becomes desaturated when you stop breathing. It is a sign of sleep apnea occurring. While I was asleep, any fluctuation in my blood oxygen saturation levels was accurately detected by this device. I noticed my blood oxygen levels dropping to about 92% occasionally on the nights that I didn't use my CPAP machine. But I remained above 95% on the nights when I did use CPAP therapy.

Just as a matter of comparison, I asked a friend of mine – who does not suffer from sleep apnea – to test out the device. No significant blood oxygen saturation drops were reported. The device indicated a healthy night sleep – and they agreed.

My Opinion

Because it successfully provided detailed insight to my sleep, I have to say that the LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor is a comfortable and innovative device. I sometimes go on a short jaunt, either for business or pleasure. On these little trips, I dread the thought of lugging around my oversized CPAP machine. Instead, I'm going to bring the LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor with me to help keep my hourly sleep apnea low by reminding me to sleep on my side.

Bottom line: I can say that I wholeheartedly recommend the LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor for anyone having issues with sleep apnea, individuals wanting to keep an eye on their blood oxygen and vitals, or those who are simply curious about how their sleep and health are related.

Note: Depending on your preference, you may decide to go with the comfortable wrist strap version of this device.