LOOKEE Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor
The LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor helps you keep track of your night’s sleep by monitoring your heart rate and oxygen levels. CPAP treatments vary greatly, and this is the latest design being used by many for its improvements over...
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Top Reasons Why You Need A Pulse Oximeter
A pulse oximeter is a device that measures your heart rate and blood oxygen level. When using a fingertip pulse oximeter, you can get a reading of your heart rate by clamping the device to your fingertip. If you are...
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Stay away from Disease

“Every family should get this monitor as a household necessity!” said Dr. Susan Kwan, Respirologist, BC, after a three-month clinical test of Lookee® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor.   


Lookee® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor plays a big role in this Pandemic situation. Everyone must be prepared for the worst to come. The device will help you see the real time O2 saturation and Heart Rate which is vital in the monitoring of COVID-19, coronavirus infection....
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