The LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor Review

Smart kids oxygen sleep monitor

An innovative health monitor is helping parents provide extra care for children who need it. Introducing the LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor… To help monitor breathing problems to heart conditions to sleep apnea, this device will be there, even if you can't. Every second of the day, while monitoring your child, it tracks key health indications. This includes movement, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. The monitor will notify you instantly if your child's readings stray from a perfect, healthy zone, alerting you that your child requires physical checking.

You can safeguard your child’s health with the LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor; no matter if you are fast asleep or attending to other matters. The device easily slips on the toes or fingers of your child, offers a precision fit, and is comfortable to wear. Each and every day, this device provides you with much needed peace of mind.

The above is the description provided by LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor. Let’s look further into the usage of the device and some reviews.

Device Use

For parents who have children suffering from breathing trouble, sleep apnea, or other health related issues, the LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor is the ultimate safeguard. This device frees you up to give your attention to tasks at hand and assures you of your child's well-being. Should your child need you, you will instantly be notified.

Every second during monitoring, every movement, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels are tracked. The data is compiled and, should something stray from a range considered normal, it notifies you right away.  Health related issues aren't always easy to see. This device is particularly useful in such cases. Problems that you may not ordinarily catch will be noticed by this device, and you will be promptly notified.

Connect with your child any time with the android app and free iOS. You can have instant access to insights regarding alarm settings, history, and your child's health, connecting via Bluetooth 4.0. It's simple to set reminders, volume levels, and notification parameters.

Easy to download and use, and compatible with Mac and PC, you also get free PC software. Detailed sleep oximetry reports and insights regarding your child can be accessed and exported into CSV or PDF files. From there, to better comprehend the activity levels, breathing, and health of your child, they can then be effortlessly shared with your doctor.

The LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor uses a flexible silicone ring, is ideal for children 3 to 10 years of age, adapts to your child's growth, and is placed on the toes or fingers. It's a little like wearing a ring, but with gentle and comfortable material. You will be alerted by a built-in alarm system if the device comes off. Expect 14 to 16 hours from the built-in battery.

The Product Review

Let's look at a couple of LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor reviews:

"It comes as no surprise to anyone having a child, but the life of a parent can be extremely hectic. During times when I simply can't be at my son's side, this device has been an absolute blessing! I don't know what we would do without it. Though our child has not suffered any debilitating health issues, it constantly assures us that everything is safe and normal."

"Our daughter was diagnosed with childhood sleep apnea. I don't know how we could have dealt with the entire situation had it not been for the LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor. My wife and I try to monitor our little girl as closely as possible, but this device gives us that added peace of mind so necessary to sleep at night and – well – just function in our everyday lives."

My Opinion

It appears that, whether your child has been diagnosed with health problems or not, this little device is another great invention by LOOKEE! As a parent, you can't always be at your child's side. Whether you're busy with the laundry, doing dishes, or trying to get some rest, the LOOKEE® Smart KidsO2™ Sleep & Activity Oxygen Monitor may soon prove to be your new best friend!

Note: For babies three years of age and younger, check out the LOOKEE® BabyO2™ Baby Oxygen Monitor.