How Does EMS Help with Weight Loss?

How Does EMS Help with Weight Loss?

EMS has established itself as a popular e-stim therapy used to develop muscle strength and even promote muscle recovery in certain instances. But did you know that it can also be used to aid weight loss? In this piece, we'll explore how EMS devices and TENS devices with EMS modes can be used to do this as well as help with muscle toning.

What is EMS Muscle Stimulation? 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machines are used to forcefully contract specific muscle groups to strengthen muscles and aid their development. They are commonly used by athletes, helping them achieve a better physique in a shorter amount of time. 

Conventional muscle contraction through exercise is caused by the brain sending signals via the body's peripheral nervous system. These signals are transported to nerves that are directly over a specific muscle group, and it results in muscle activation. EMS devices help individuals achieve the same result with half as much work. 

Through gel pads or handheld devices, they send timed electrical impulses to contract muscles the same way the brain would. EMS assists in achieving the same goal as working out in the gym – muscle activation. The main point is that if a muscle is activated consistently and put under a sufficient amount of stress during a training period, the end result is an effective workout that leads to improved strength.

EMS and Weight Loss

According to studies, EMS helps accelerate weight loss by putting users in a calorie deficit. Hence, when used consistently, people will see a noticeable change in their weight. During a calorie deficit, your body burns more calories than it consumes. People normally enter a calorie deficit by exercising or reducing the calorie intake in their diet.

EMS allows you to enter a calorie deficit without needing to perform strenuous workouts or intense diets. However, that isn't to say that you should neglect your lifestyle. EMS should be used in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise to show noticeable weight loss results. In fact, research shows that many incorporate EMS workouts into their exercise routine because they struggle to enter a calorie deficit. This could be due to health conditions or hormone imbalances.

Exercise could also be challenging for older adults who aren't as capable due to their age and fragility. Through the use of EMS, they can gradually and safely build up their strength while simultaneously losing weight - we'll talk more about this in a bit! Since EMS helps with muscle development, it also speeds up your metabolism, which also helps to burn fat.

Weight Loss In Around the Stomach

Many people have used EMS to specifically target stubborn fat around the tummy area - a problem that many older adults face. A study has shown that EMS can have a significant impact on reducing belly fat even without the modification of one's diet or exercise routine. This alone shows how effective it can be when used as a tool to accelerate weight loss. It shows that when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, EMS workouts will yield incredible results.

Other Benefits of EMS

EMS devices can be used for weight loss as well as muscle toning. They serve as an effective way for older adults to build stamina and preserve their muscle strength. EMS devices such as The LOOKEE® Arm Workout EMS Exerciser or the LOOKEE® LED TENS Unit work to help them build muscle without performing strenuous and potentially hazardous exercises. More so, seniors can use them to exercise from home instead of needing to travel to gyming facilities.

In conclusion, EMS is a powerful form of e-stim therapy that can be used to aid weight loss and promote muscle development. When used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, EMS will help accelerate the human metabolism. Hence, people who struggle to burn fat due to age, health conditions, or other factors should consider the e-stim treatment to help them see better results.