The Advantages Of Purchasing A Personal ECG Device

The Advantages of Purchasing A Personal ECG Device

Today, while you're at home, in your hotel room, or at the gym, there is a device that will assist you in creating an electrocardiogram. It is referred to as a portable, personal ECG device. Why would someone want to carry one of these with them?

In the world today, cardiovascular system diseases affect more than 60% of individuals (per the World Health Organization). Heart pathologies are caused by the following, according to cardiologists:

  • Ecology
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Our daily dietary regime (i.e., fatty foods, salty, spicy, or heavy foods)
  • Our general health (i.e., chronic diseases, malformations, congenital diseases)

Let's take a look at electrocardiograms, monitoring systems, and their advantages.


The electrocardiogram, in classic form, is a method of research. It displays, graphically, the function of the heart. Immediately after the study, the results can be viewed and assessed. ECG (interchangeable with EKG) is the most economical and affordable option compared to other types of diagnostics. It can take up to 10 minutes, which is not an exorbitant amount of time, and is considered to be highly informative. In most cases, only doctors or other trained professionals can read the results.

But today, mobile applications are available where electrocardiograms are concerned. Additionally, a portable, personal ECG device can be coupled with mobile applications.

The Benefits of Personal ECG Devices

Thanks to today's technology, it's easier and quicker than ever to use personal ECG devices. Having a monitor such as this can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The device may contain a data screen for the easily viewed display of results.
  • They are simple to maintain and operate.
  • To a computer or a smart phone, they can transmit data in real time.
  • They are small in size and lightweight.

There are various styles of personal ECG devices. Some attach to the chest area while others are located on the wrist or fingers. Varying in color, special electrodes are included in the kit. For each electrode, there is a specific method of application which should be studied and followed per the instructions.

Why Use a Personal ECG Device?

The benefits of these devices were just listed above. But, additionally, pathologies can be identified with the opportunities provided by these high-tech ECG monitors. Some of the pathologies that may be better diagnosed through the use of these devices include the following:

  • The detection of heart failure
  • Arrhythmia
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Ischemia

The data these devices gather can either be transferred to the cloud or stored in the application. Regardless, your cardiologist will find this information extremely helpful.  The correct treatment for a patient can be determined, in part, through the diagnosis as a result of information from an ECG. This is particularly applicable in the case of serious heart disease.

What's more, any abnormalities in a person's sleep and wakefulness cycle can have an effect on their heart. For this reason, sleep disorders (like sleep apnea) should be treated as soon as possible. Once again, technology comes to the rescue. There are small, personal pulse ox devices that can help people keep track of their sleep habits and pulse ox levels.

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