Reasons Why You Should Be Getting More Sleep

Attractive mature female sleeping in bed

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It's something that happens to most of us at one time or another. When it does, as we get to work, school, or just to the breakfast table, we are usually posed the following question: "Didn’t you get enough sleep last night?" More times than not, the answer to that question is, "No! I did not!" But, getting more sleep is something needed by the majority of the population today. Stress over illnesses, financial worries, grades – you name it – keeps people up on a regular basis. Add to that sleep disorders (like sleep apnea) and it's a wonder any of us gets any sleep at all.

Is there a way to get more sleep? There are numerous over-the-counter products available to aid in the pursuit of better slumber. To treat sleep disorders, there are some helpful devices on the market that are used to treat underlying conditions. Treatments for sleep apnea and other types of sleep disorders depend on the individual and the doctor prescribing treatment.

What's the big deal about sleep? How much do we really need? You may be surprised at the answer. Getting more sleep is not only beneficial, it's necessary for those having trouble with slumber. Let's take a look at the benefits of getting more sleep.

Better Control over Your Weight

In America today, roughly 160 million people are either overweight or obese. So, it should go without saying that if there were a way to easily help lower the weight of certain individuals, it would be considered beneficial. Brain hormones – specifically ghrelin and leptin – control your appetite; and sleep deprivation has a negative influence on them. Getting more sleep at night has been shown in many cases to increase to body’s ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Helps to Fight Germs

Your immune cells don't work as well when you lack sleep. Therefore, your immune system will suffer. When that happens, you're likely to get sick more easily and more often.

Blood Sugar Can Be Studied Better

Approximately 10.5%, or 34.2 million people, have diabetes in America. When the deepest sleep stage experienced at night is shortened, it can affect the amount of glucose in your system. Type II diabetes may be better avoided by making sure you get enough proper sleep every night.

The Possibility to Increase Athletic Achievement

Not enough sleep means not enough energy. If you're looking to increase your athletic endurance or achievements, you're going to need sleep. Your body has to be able to rest, recuperate, and revitalize every night.

Heart Healthiness

Your body, mind, and, yes, your heart all rest at night. Your heart, in particular, gets rest because your blood pressure goes down when you sleep. Long term payoffs can result from even short-term downtimes.

Boost Your Mood

Did you ever wake up cranky and you just don't know why? It could be that you didn't get enough sleep. For your mind to recognize how to react in any given situation, it must have the sleep it needs to process emotions. Mood disorders can actually result from a chronic lack of sleep!

Your Brain Will Be Sharper

Again with the brain! But it's true. Lack of sleep really messes with your brain. It just can't catch up. Focusing on and taking in new information is much tougher when you don't get enough sleep. Additionally, your memory could be affected negatively.

LOOKEE® Tech Health-Technology For Better Sleep

Are you a sleep apnea sufferer? At LOOKEE® Tech, we have some of the most technologically advanced, but easiest to use, devices on the market. We can help you track your slumber habits so that you can be better educated as to how to treat any sleep disorders you may be suffering from. The data these devices track is downloadable so you can bring it to your doctor and make an informed decision together.

But wait… there's more! We also carry infrared thermometers, hand exerciser grip strengtheners, personal ECG monitors, and blood pressure monitors. If you have any questions about how these items work or why you might need them, feel free to contact one of our representatives today.