LOOKEE® Finger Pulse Oximeters

Monitor Blood Oxygen Saturation Level and Pulse Rate

FDA Approved in US and Licensed for Sales in Canada

The Genuine LOOKEE® Finger Pulse Oximeters are the flagship products from LOOKEE®, a trusted Health & Wellness Technology Brand based in British Columbia and New York. As the holder of the Health Canada Medical Device License and with over two decades of excellence, our commitment to quality is evident in every Genuine LOOKEE Monitor we produce. Customers across the US and Canada trust us to deliver reliable, innovative, and genuine products that prioritize their health and wellness.

Built by LOOKEE® Technology Since 2001

Relying on cutting edge technology, LOOKEE® Fingertip Pulse Oximeters (also known as Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitors) are perfect for spot checking oxygen saturation levels and heart rate at any given time. Our Pulse Ox/O2 Tracker, SpO2 & Heart Rate Meter and Fingertip Oximetry premium models come with an Alarm, Plethysmograph & Perfusion Index.

The Top Medical Grade Sensor Ensures Accuracy

Top-grade LEDs and sensors allow for SpO2 and pulse rate measurement at low blood perfusion indexes. The Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index can help you to judge if the measurements are proper and the data is accurate.

Keep on top of your health and oxygen levels while working out, traveling, at work and relaxing at home.

It’s a great way to monitor your health while on the go!

LOOKEE® Pulse Oximeter Collection

What our customers say about us

Professional finger pulse oximeter.

Very nice oximeter; 5/5, I’m a pulmonary physician, I’m pleased; it’s a keeper.-professional, comparable to high end pulse oximeter-accurate, O2Sat value, heart rate, and wave forms, I have calibrated against my baseline, at the medical center. It’s accurate.-easy to use-I bought another for my sister—I’d buy again.-Comes with sleeve, case, batteries, strap, instructions. I’d buy another for a family or friend.

- Philippe Starck

Grateful for the accurate readings!

When you are in the middle of COVID-19 and can not get any definite answers to how to handle this disease, this little device was a God send. So very grateful for this little tool that was so useful in keeping an eye on our oxidation levels, which is crucial in keeping ahead of this life threatening situation. When you get to 93 level, an urgency beep starts alerting you to get to the ER or call a doctor. That was extremely helpful to us.

- Belinda Alambar

We should all own one!

It’s great. Does as described. Pretty accurate I’d say. The waveform & PI is a nice added feature. Great to have around encase of trouble with breathing. Especially since we’re in a pandemic

- Petar Kramaric

Excellent Customer Service

This pulse oximeter works well. We purchased this to have on hand to watch for silent hypoxia in disease. Very fast shipping. I did need to contact the seller as the lanyard was missing in the original package. Seller quickly resolved the issue. Recommend this item and this seller!

- RRRocky

Great device and excellent service!

This device is easy to use and gives results quickly. Nice piece of mind to have this on hand during the current pandemic. There was a problem with inaccurate results at first. I contacted the company on their support page and had a response within a couple of hours. No questions asked, they sent me a replacement immediately and didn't even ask for the defective one to be sent back. Very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it.

- Rustedboater

Excellent service à la clientèle

J'ai commandé cet item une première fois mais il a été perdu dans le transport. Dès que j'ai entré en contact avec la compagnie pour un remboursement, elle m'a proposé de m'en expédier un autre. J'ai reçu cet item rapidement. Il fonctionne bien et il est très compact. Vraiment heureuse de mon achat.

- Lyne