What Is A Wrist Pulse Oximeter With Alarm?

What Is A Wrist Pulse Oximeter With Alarm?

A wrist pulse oximeter with alarm is pretty much what it sounds like – an oximeter that fits on your wrist and has an alarm with which to awaken you should sleep apnea occur. This is a pretty standard device used by those suffering from sleep apnea. The idea behind it is that, should your breathing be interrupted, and your pulse ox drop below a predetermined level, an alarm (usually accompanied by a vibration) alerts you to the condition. This, in turn, lets you know that it's time to switch positions. You may have flipped over onto your back while sleeping and your airway, therefore, became obstructed. Often times, a change in position is a quick fix for loud, constant snoring or an interruption in breathing while sleeping.

Better Sleep Insight

Today's sleep monitors function in a manner that allows you to monitor your sleep patterns by providing real-time data. You can now take control of your night by tracking oxygen levels with a free mobile app, in many cases.

It is vital to get a restful night’s sleep in order to establish and maintain good health. Modern sleep monitors help update you as to your heart rate and oxygen levels while you sleep. For O2/heart rate level tracking post-and pre-workout routines, these are also valuable devices.

A CPAP Failure Safety Net

Are you being properly supported by your current CPAP treatment? You may not even be aware that your blood oxygen levels are dropping. With a wrist pulse oximeter, you can be aware of whether or not your blood oxygen level is in danger and will be alerted by a gentle vibration if it does.

The effectiveness of your CPAP should be monitored. With one of these devices, whether you just need an adjustment, or your CPAP treatment is ineffective, you'll be able to determine whether or not a problem exists through data gathering. Now, at your fingertips, you have empowering information available.

LOOKEE Wrist Sleep Oxygen Monitor

Offering comfort and precision, we recommend the use of our LOOKEE Wrist Sleep Oxygen Monitor. With it, you can track heart rate and oxygen levels. If either or both of those levels drop below a value that is preset and acceptable for you, a gentle vibration will alert you. As referenced earlier, this can help bring your levels back into the proper range by encouraging you to shift positions.

Looking For Something Smaller and More Convenient?

The LOOKEE® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor, by monitoring your oxygen levels and heart rate, helps you keep track of your night’s sleep. Much improved over old-school methods, this is the latest design being recommended by doctors today. At home, it allows you to conduct sleep studies in the comfort of your own bed. This can, by the way, still be useful even if you're not on CPAP.

Equipped with a gentle vibration that is adjustable for your preference, this oxygen monitoring ring indicates oxygen level dips.

Contact us at LOOKEE if you have questions about one of our products, whether or not it would work for your particular needs, and/or the many extra features that are available on premium devices versus standard.