Why Refresh Your First Aid Kit With A Pulse Oximeter During COVID-19?

Why Refresh Your First Aid Kit With A Pulse Oximeter During COVID-19?

As the ongoing pandemic swept across the globe, many individuals are left wondering whether they should add a pulse oximeter to their first aid kit. If you have an existing heart or lung condition that requires constant monitoring of SpO2 levels at home, you may already have one. Most pulse oximeters are clipped to the finger and typically used in healthcare settings, although they have become more common for use at home. In this article, we share with you when it would be beneficial to refresh your first aid kit with a pulse oximeter.

Pulse Oximeters Are Useful for Monitoring SpO2 Levels in Patients

Have you been infected with COVID-19? Is a low blood oxygen level one of your symptoms? If so, you belong to the group of individuals who will benefit from having a pulse oximeter in your first aid kit. If your case is relatively mild and you have been given the all clear to monitor your condition at home, your doctor may even have recommended buying one.

In healthy people, a SpO2 level between 95 to 100 percent is ideal. Discuss with your doctor exactly how low is too low for you and what would constitute an emergency. In COVID-19 patients, SpO2 levels may fall as low as 90 percent. If your doctor has determined that anything below 93 percent necessitates a visit to their office, always follow their guidance.

Pulse Oximeters Are Not Helpful for COVID-19 Screening

Although some COVID-19 patients do experience low SpO2 levels, not everyone who has contracted COVID-19 experiences this symptom. For instance, some patients have what is known as happy hypoxemia, where they are asymptomatic or have other unrelated symptoms, yet their SpO2 levels remain normal. In such cases, a pulse oximeter may not be the most useful device to have. However, at the end of the day, you should be having this discussion with your doctor if you are unsure whether you would benefit from the use of a pulse oximeter.

Use of Pulse Oximeters at Home

One reason why so much attention has been given to pulse oximeters recently is due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in recent times. As healthcare facilities became overwhelmed, patients with mild cases were able to monitor their conditions independently from home with a simple pulse oximeter.

Monitor Your SpO2 Levels with Health Canada Approved Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

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