Lookee® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor Tracks Blood Oxygen Level & Heart Rate During Your Sleep Or Daily Activities with Vibration Alarm for Low Oxygen to Help You be Prepared from the Onslaught of Coronavirus COVID-19

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The outbreak of Coronavirus or widely known as COVID-19 puts the world in alarm and panic. It became the talk of the news and feared by Nations around the world. The virus that started in Wuhan, a Chinese city, is now feared around the globe. The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread in the other countries such as Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Australia, Canada, France, UK and even the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”. With over 90,000+ that have contracted the virus, 3000+ are confirmed dead related to the virus.


The possible origin is still unknown according to Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University. Wuhan Huanan seafood market may not be the origin of the virus. Wuhan Municipal Health Commission confirmed this from the first diagnostic test at the 10th of January reporting 41 confirmed with some contracting the virus that went to the market and others contracting it from a vague source. Since then it has multiplied a thousand-fold. Every day the numbers of infected are doubling. WHO raised the highest alarm for this virus and may soon be raised to a pandemic state.


Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS) are both caused by coronaviruses that came from animals. Although MERS is believed to be transmitted to humans from dromedaries however the original hosts for both coronaviruses were probably bats.  Our past experience with the global pandemic of 2002-2003 SARS which infected 8000 people and killed almost 800 has taught as a valuable lesson and that is the management of clinical manifestation and infections.


In just a 2 month and half, the COVID-19 infected people ten folds the total number of SARS infection. Wuhan and surrounding province in China are put to lockdown something we have never seen happen before in these modern times. In South Korea, they put to lockdown the city of Daegu and surrounding areas. Italy did so for 11 towns until now. The cases of death in newly hit Iran has been soaring.


Lockdown was implemented in the Byzantine Era to control Bubonic Plague. This plague was the cause of the Black Death that swept through Asia, Europe, and Africa in the 14th century and killed an estimated 50-100 million people. In 1918 an Influenza Virus killed 50 million people and COVID -19 could be next horror we are about to face.


Given the basic reproductive ratio of about six to seven, it is twice as more infectious than the 1918 Virus. Even though the mortality rate is just 2-3% compared to SARS with 10% and MERS with 34%, the number of cases for COVID-19 is still running. 6-7% is alarming considering the mode of transmission, virulence, infectious state, incubation period is still questionable.


If containment fails and the COVID-19 are left uncheck a pandemic pandemonium may occur. The 3% of 7 billion people is 210 million people. Secondary to this are deaths cause by hunger, chaos, criminality are just some that will follow when global economy fails and people cannot work anymore due to infections.


Chinese health officials say the incubation period for the virus ranges from one to 14 days, during this time carriers can be infectious. A new discovery says incubation can go as far as 27 days another says the virus lays dormant in the body even after you fully heal.  


SARS and MERS are distinguished by symptoms of runny nose and intestinal problems whereas COVID-19 rarely produces runny nose and intestinal symptoms. In other words, it is harder to determine if one is infected or not.


According to WHO "Continuous Monitoring of Oxygen Saturation level is Critical for Clinical Management of Severe Respiratory Infection, like Coronavirus Infection" And as part of their early supportive therapy and monitoring:


To give supplemental oxygen therapy immediately to patients with SARI and respiratory distress, hypoxemia, or shock. Remarks: Initiate oxygen therapy at 5 L/min and titrate flow rates to reach target SpO2 ≥90% in non-pregnant adults and SpO2 ≥92-95 % in pregnant patients. Children with emergency signs (obstructed or absent breathing, severe respiratory distress, central cyanosis, shock, coma or convulsions) should receive oxygen therapy during resuscitation to target SpO2 ≥94%; otherwise, the target SpO2 is ≥90%.  All areas where patients with SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) are cared for should be equipped with pulse oximeters, functioning oxygen systems and disposable, single-use, oxygen-delivering interfaces (nasal cannula, simple face mask, and mask with reservoir bag). Use contact precautions when handling contaminated oxygen interfaces of patients with COVID-19 infection.


“Every family should get this monitor as a household necessity!” said Dr. Susan Kwan, Respirologist, BC, after a three-month clinical test of Lookee® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor.   

LOOKEE Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor

Lookee® Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor plays a big role in this Pandemic situation. Everyone must be prepared for the worst to come. The device will help you see the real time O2 saturation and Heart Rate which is vital in the monitoring of COVID-19. It is needed for monitoring during the infected state. Know your O2 sat all times because this will keep you alert and ready if ever you may have contracted the disease. In this way, even if you are asymptomatic or symptomatic everything is revealed when your O2 absorption is compromised so you can get the proper treatment. This coupled with fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue should alert you.


The Lookee Monitor is equipped with a medial grade sensor and continuously collect your data in every 4 seconds. Its Mobile and PC (Pro version) App will help you to manage your monitoring, data and treatment and allow you to share with your healthcare providers. An adjustable and gentle Vibration Alarm on user's finger can be triggered when the blood oxygen level is lower than a preseted threshold. Check Lookee Tech official site HERE to read great reviews from thousands of happy users.