Are you looking for general health monitoring equipment in Indiana? If so, you have come to the right place at LOOKEE® Tech. Or if you are a sleep apnea patient looking for something to complement your CPAP treatment, we carry a sleep oxygen monitor designed with the latest technology to suit your needs.

About Indiana

Indiana is the 17th most populous state, although the 38th largest by area. Its capital is also its largest city: Indianapolis, and the state experiences a humid and continental climate. As one of only 13 states that are divided into more than one time zone, Indiana did not observe daylight savings time before 2006. In 2017, Indiana reported an unemployment rate of 3.4%, which is below the national average.

What We Offer

  • Sleep Oxygen Monitors in Indiana: Depending on your preferences, choose between one that fits like a watch or like a ring. Our accompanying free mobile app allows you to keep track of your oxygen levels and sleeping patterns anytime, anywhere. Because a gentle vibration will alert you when your blood oxygen levels drop below a predetermined level, you can sleep in peace.
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeters in Indiana: Each of our fingertip pulse oximeters come with a lanyard, carry case and batteries, making them the perfect device for checking heart rate and oxygen saturation levels on the go.
  • Personal ECG Monitors in Indiana: Within just 30 or 60 seconds, you can obtain an ECG/EKG record by placing your personal monitor between your hands. You can make use of cables and electrodes if you need a longer period. Easily gain access to your results on the go.
  • Blood Pressure Monitors in Indiana: Our portable blood pressure monitors are lighter than an iPhone X and allows you to measure your blood pressure from anywhere. The best part is that you can share your readings instantly with family members or your doctor, which means no more carrying around bulky record books!
  • Infrared Thermometers in Indiana: With both contact and non-contact methods, our infrared thermometers are perfect for the whole family, young and old. Each thermometer comes with memory space for 32 readings so you can track fluctuations in temperature if you or a loved one are running a fever.
  • LOOKEE® Arm Workout EMS Exercisers in Indiana: Wish to build arm muscle strength without having to lift heavy weights? Our arm workout muscle stimulator was made for you! This patented EMS machine sends low-frequency electric impulses to your palm, wrist and forearm muscles to relax, energize and strengthen them. With 5 difficulty settings, you can easily adjust it to your level and ability.

Sleep Better at Night with LOOKEE® Sleep Oxygen Monitors in Indiana

If you are looking to purchase health monitoring equipment designed with the latest technology, look no further than LOOKEE® Tech. Or if you require an alternative to CPAP treatment so you can sleep in peace, you can find it when you shop with us as well. All our products come with one-year warranty for your reassurance.

If you have further questions regarding our sleep monitoring products in Indiana, please feel free to contact us anytime.