How Does a Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor Work?

How Does a Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor Work

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects many people across the United States. One of the symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring although not all cases of snoring are caused by sleep apnea. Snoring can also be caused by respiratory complications among many other things. Although snoring might not appear to be a serious problem, in reality, it can have serious physical as well as social repercussions to people who suffer from this problem. Here are some of the effects of snoring.

Health Problems Related to Snoring

In very many cases, loud and consistent snoring is a sign that the person affected is not getting quality sleep. People who snore loudly and consistently are typically lethargic during the day and can suffer episodes of daytime sleepiness. This in turn lowers the ability to focus and can even lead to all sorts of accidents, especially if the victim is operating machinery or driving a car. To make it worse, people who snore can profoundly affect the sleep cycles of their partners which in turn may lead to a strained relationship.

Oxygen Levels and Snoring

When oxygen levels in the blood fall (perhaps to do an obstruction caused by sleep apnea), the brain sends a signal to the body to tighten up blood vessels as well as increase the amount of blood flowing to vital organs such as the brain and the heart. When this is happening, the air circulation around your nose and mouth is unable to circulate freely and due to the increased heartbeat, leads to the vibration of soft tissues in the throat and nasal cavities. The result of this is the noise that we have come to associate with people who snore.

If snoring is a problem for you, there are several ways that this can be dealt with. Your doctor will probably want to confirm that there are no serious conditions that are at the root of your snoring problem. They may also suggest the use of a snore reducing oxygen level monitor. Here is how this device can help you overcome your snoring problem.

Understanding Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitors

Snore reducing oxygen level monitor work by monitoring oxygen levels in the blood and alerting the person when oxygen levels drop down to a certain level. The snore reducing oxygen level monitor can be designed to buzz in order to prompt the person to shift positions and thus reduce any obstruction that may be taking place. This shift in position is usually enough to reduce or stop the person from snoring.

The snore reducing oxygen level monitor also collects data that is critical in the diagnosis of conditions such as sleep apnea. This way, doctors can then recommend other methods of treatment such as CPAP or surgery.

Types of Oxygen Level Monitors

Snore reducing oxygen level monitors come in various forms depending on the patient’s needs. There are snore reducing oxygen level monitors that are linked to smartphone apps via Bluetooth. These devices are then able to transmit data to an application that is linked to the device. This makes the collection of data significantly easier. The device itself can be in the form of a wrist band (it looks very similar to a smartwatch) or can also be clipped to the patient’s finger.